Sat 2/23 – Seminar: High Percentage Wristlocks

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Mark your calendars for Saturday, Feb 23rd, at 1:00 PM, because we are THRILLED to bring you…

5th Degree & 6th Degree BJJ Black Belts Cristiano Ribeiro and Luis Neto! Tickets are already on sale here: https://bjj-seminar-wristlocks.eventbrite.com

The REAL Smash Brothers from Manaus, Brazil?

Between the two of them, Cristiano and Luis have multiple brazilian national and world titles, and have fought (and beaten) some of the top names in the jiu jitsu world. Both are long-time direct students under Royler Gracie and practically celebrity athletes in their home city of Manaus, Brazil (population 1.79 million).

Here are just a few achievements.

  • 1997­ World Jiu-Jitsu Championship ­ Purple Belt Division Adult Light Weight, Gold Medal.
  • 1998­ World Jiu-Jitsu Championship ­ Brown Belt Division Adult Light Weight, Silver Medal.
  • 1999­ World Jiu-Jitsu Championship ­ Brown Belt Division Adult Light Weight, Silver Medal.
  • 2003­ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu National Championship ­ Black Belt Division Adult Middle Weight, Gold Medal.
  • 2004­ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu National Championship ­ Black Belt Division Adult Middle Weight, Gold Medal.
  • 2010­ Amazon Open ­No-Gi Championship, Heavy Weight Adult And Open Weight Class, Gold Medals
  • 2012­ Brazilian National Open Class ­ Master Black Belt Division Adult Absolute Class, Gold Medal
  • 2012­ Brazilian Nation Open Class ­ Master Black Belt Division Heavy Weight Class, Bronze Medal

For the first time, Luis Neto is flying the the US to visit his brother and join forces for this amazing seminar on high percentage wristlocks!

What will I learn?

  • The basic blueprint needed to submit an opponent with a wrist lock and the most common mistakes made by beginners.
  • 1-2 powerful wrist crushing attacks from all the major positions in jiu jitsu: side control, mount, back control, and more!
  • Game-changing details of the wristlock that will make most of your attacks 30+% more effective
  • Flowing from one wristlock attach to another, always sensing new opportunities.
  • High efficiency attacks that are low risk and don’t leave you gassed in competition

Do I need a uniform?

You’ll need a gi. If you don’t have one, we sell them at Journey BJJ – just let us know in advance and we’ll have one ready!

What if I’m from another school or I’m not a Journey BJJ Member?

All schools ar welcome! We are limiting the seats for this 3-hour semianr to 30 tickets, so be sure to register quickly as we will sell out.

What if I have little-no grappling experience?

All experience levels are welcome! If your’e a beginner you will get the very best foundation for attacking this powerful submission with little to no risk and no bad habits!

How long is the seminar?

In this 3-hour seminar, Professors Cristiano and Luis will teach details and techniques that work against world-class black belts. After the seminar, the professora will hang out and roll with participants as time allows.

Ok, how much does it cost?

You’re days away (maybe hours) from learning revolutionary techniques these world champions. Though Professors Luis and Cristiano has charged upwards $100 per person for his seminars in Brazil, Journey BJJ has made the decision to open up our sale at….

only $75 per ticket if you buy online! $90 at the door.

Once we’re out of tickets at these prices, we’re out!.

Journey hasn’t done anything like this seminar yet, and we’d like to keep doing seminars like this in the future. But that depends on you, and whether or not we can fill the room with BJJ fanatics like you willing to invest in high-level Jiu Jitsu training.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your spot today before we run out: https://bjj-seminar-wristlocks.eventbrite.com

See you there!



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