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Dear Friends & Parents,

I’m Coach Alex, Owner here at Journey Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy.

I’ve been teaching self defense classes for kids for over 5 years now, and I’m the proud parent of 2 girls who can stand up for themselves.

In my years doing this, I’ve seen shy kids that won’t even look you in the eye become leaders and mentors to other students! I’ve seen awkward, uncoordinated, kids become 200% more athletic than their classmates.

True confidence comes from being able to back it up PHYSICALLY, against resisting opponents.

And THAT, is worth so much more than just kicking and punching or earning a belt.

-Coach Alex

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Grit & Confidence

There are 2 kinds of confidence.  Fake confidence is when your child learns a few fancy kick, punches, and forms, and everybody claps.

Real confidence comes from KNOWING you/your child can control a resisting opponent or bully.

Our kids self defense classes offer a safe, resistance-based training environment where kids learn how to defend themselves if they are pinned down, how to escape, and control their opponent on top.

Exercise and Functional Movement

Our action-packed games, activities, drills give kids a great workout over a one-hour period of time. They’ll burn the excess sugar, and they’ll become stronger and healthier in a very short span of time!

The best part? Kids won’t even know they’re exercising because the fitness is disguised as FUN.


Self Defense and Bully-Proofing

1 in 5 kids report they were bullied during the school year (CDC Statistic)  Journey’s kids self defense classes in Madison, WI teach children the EXACT way to react to a bully at various stages and how to control a bully on the ground without ever needing to throw a strike!

Your child will feel safer at school, confident socially, and you’ll sleep easier knowing it! :).

They’ll Stay With It Because It’s FUN!

While we teach our students to work hard and train hard in our self defense classes for kids…

… You will catch them laughing and talking about their Jiu Jitsu Classes!

That’s because we like to keep it light and fun too – we often play a game at the end of class!

Journey’s kids self defense classes are a safe place for kids to socialize, grow, and make long-time friends.


Beginner & Family Friendly Environment

Journey members are community Moms, Dads, Professionals, and Tradesmen in the Madison Area who are trying help their children become the best they can be. Kids will always be encouraged to go at their own pace and comfort level, with online videos and resources to compliment their training.

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Frequently Asked

  • Shy kids who struggle with socializing or team sports
  • Children who are being bullied in school or lack the confidence to stand up for themselves
  • Kids who struggle to focus or need an outlet for excess energy
  • Boys and Girls with limited physical activity or who need to get in shape
  • Kids under 6 years of age
  • Families who live over 25+ minutes away by car ride
  • Kids under the age of 6 years old
  • Aggressive or violent kids with behavioral problems

Our drop-in fee is $20 per class, but we often run trial specials. If you decide to sign up after the trial, it will work very much like a Yoga or Gym membership. We have 6+ different membership plans to fit every budget, and we go over those in detail when we sit down with you after your first trial class.

No, you they do not. Most kids here had no prior background before they got started with kids self defense classes.

Some kids who come to us are afraid at first, but we at Journey Academy know that they need to have fun to want to come back. That’s why our drills, wrestling (kids LOVE to wrestle!), and games are designed to get them coming back! After a few weeks of classes, our kids are usually pumped to jump in the car with you to come to jiu jitsu class!

We’ve got a small staff and we like to stay organized 🙂 In order to insure that there’s someone to answer your questions when you show up, please let us know when you’re coming by calling 608-416-1140. Otherwise, we cannot ensure you’ll be helped and you may not be able to get into a class that day.

Who’s Teaching your Self Defense Classes for Kids?

journey bjj academy guarantee
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Alex Andreev

Owner, Journey BJJ

“My promise: If within 30 days of signing up for one of our programs you decide Journey Jiu Jitsu Kids Self Defense classes are NOT the right fit for you, just shoot us an e-mail and I’ll personally refund 100% of your money.”

Are Your Self Defense Classes for KidsLocated Near Me?

Our Madison, WI kids self defense facility is located on the west side of Madison, WI. Only a short driving distance from Fitchburg, Middleton, and Verona, WI. Our address is:
3214 Kinglsey Way, Madison, WI 53713, USA

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