FREE Combatives Self Defense Workshop – Fri Nov 16th @ 6PM

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Journey Martial Arts Academy is extremely excited to welcome certified self defense instructor and jiu jitsu 5th degree black belt Cristiano Ribeiro for a beginners primer on combatives self defense on Friday Nov 16th @ 6PM. Register now here: https://free-self-defense-workshop.eventbrite.com Coach Ribeiro brings a wealth of knowledge and real world experience with over 20 years as a Gracie Jiu Jitsu black belt and a competitor. Here are just a few potentially life-saving skills you’ll learn in the course of this 1.5 hour workshop

  • What actual street violence ACTUALLY looks like (99% of instructors never show this)
  • Develop a combative mindset for when violence is imminent, so you can be prepared for real violence on the street
  • Discover the hidden signals that street thugs look for in their victims, and learn how to respond correctly so that you don’t become one!
  • Learn distance-management techniques to avoid getting hit, even if you’re up against a big brawler
  • Discover the biggest reason most self-defense systems set you up to fail by ignoring the chaotic nature of street fights and grappling
  • Learn a basic escape and an easy submission hold that works even if the person is twice your size and strength

That’s just a small taste of life-changing skills that Cris has spent the last two decades perfecting in his combatives self-defense system. Cost:

  • 100% FREE for Online Registrants

What to Bring:

  • Comfortable gym clothes (shorts, t-shirt, athletic pants, we will be barefoot on the mats)

Who is this perfect for?

  • Beginners, new to self-defense or martial arts
  • Groups of professionals for team building purposes
  • Anyone planning to travel to potentially unsafe parts of the world
  • Anyone who would like to improve their confidence
  • Martial artists with no exposure to ground grappling or grappling-based self defense systems
  • Smaller, less athletic individuals who want to learn how to use technique and leverage to overcome strenght

Who is this not right for?

  • Advanced Martial artists with years of primarily grappling experience (see our intermediate and advanced classes)
  • Military and Law Enforcement officers with higher level close-quarters combat training (this is a fundamentals class)
  • Anyone who is unwilling to explore grappling scenarios as apart of their self-defense training

Ready to up your self defense skills? Register here now: https://free-self-defense-workshop.eventbrite.com



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